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Business owners in all industries are encouraging their customers to obtain financing from our platform with 35+ lenders. Why?

  1. No extra work required from business owner.
  2. Satisfy customer needs and wants.
  3. Sell more goods and services.
  4. Simple process of customer applying for and getting approved for loans. 
  5. Customer receives money from bank directly within 48 hours and then pays you.
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​Quick Application

Give your customers easy access to financing offers from 35+ lenders through our web-based platform.

60-Second Approvals

Customers receive loan offers within 60 seconds and get funded directly to their bank account in 12-48 hours.

Soft Credit Pull

The customer application credit inquiry does NOT affect credit score. Help customers get financing and sell more.

Sign Instantly

On-The-Spot financing means customers get quick financing. More financing options + more approvals = more sales.

Attention Business Owners:
Get Bank Financing Offers For Your Customers

You're more likely to close a deal and sell more when the customer gets approved on-the-spot. 

Customer processes the application from your website or at your location (using your computer or their mobile phone), reviews offers from 35+ banks, chooses a loan, and gets directly funded in their bank account in 12-48 hours to buy your product or service.

Since 35+ lenders are competing to finance your customers, everyone wins. Lenders present their most competitive loan offers. Customers feel confident moving forward. You sell more.

Offer Direct Bank Financing to Customers.
Close More Deals.

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Bank and Consumer Loan Financing Information

Loan Application

Customer submits the loan application and signs loan paperwork online with the bank. This can be done on your website or while customer is at your location. 

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All Types of Loans

Your customer gets funded directly from the lender and then pays for your product or service. Funding is directly to the customer in 12-48 hours. High approval rates.

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Loan Terms

With 35+ lenders competing, your customers are bound to find a loan with terms they like. Loans are offered for excellent credit, good credit and bad credit situations.

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Step 1


Register your business and help customers get financing offers. More than 35 lenders compete to fund your customer's purchase.

Step 2


Spend just 5 minutes with us and we'll help you add your unique financing application link to your website, a shortcut on your desktop and a favorite to your browser.

Step 3

Sell More.

With 35+ banks competing, you'll see more approvals. Funding takes place directly to customer in 12-48 hours. The loan is with the lender and customer directly.

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