This is absolutely the most important tool for your contractor business. 345+ Lenders. One platform. 

Contractors use our system to get customers financing for home improvements, repairs, fixes and renovations.

Your customers come first. Offering financing options demonstrates your attention to customers' needs.

Financing for All Types of Home Improvement Projects
Exclusively offered to Contractors

Our simple platform is used by contractors to help their customers obtain lender financing for all types of residential improvement projects. 

With 345+ lenders competing, homeowners in all credit situations have more options for financing home improvement projects. 

Deals are signed on-the-spot through our web-based platform. With next-day funding directly to the contractor's bank account, you can close the deal quickly and provide a better customer experience.

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What do we offer and why do so many contractors use it?

Contractors close more projects when 345+ lenders compete. Offer your customers direct bank financing through our 345+ lenders. Service is available nationwide (USA) for all residential contractor-related jobs.

You facilitate the relationship between the lender and your customer. You are not tied to the loan (because you are not the one offering the loan).

Loans are unsecured against the homeowner, which means they are personal loans. They are also non-recourse against the contractor.

Lender Info & Consumer Loan Information

Personal Unsecured Loans

Loans are unsecured and non-collateralized with the homeowner. You connect the homeowner with the lender through our system. The lender then takes care of all the details, including collecting all payments, so you can focus on your job.

Non-Recourse Bank Loans

The non-collateralized loans are also non-recourse against the contractor. That means that if things go south between the customer and the lender, you're NOT affected. Keep going about your business as usual.

Variety of Loan Terms

With 345+ lenders, your customers are bound to find a loan with terms they like. The majority of loans have zero lender fee. Loans are offered for both good credit and bad credit situations.

Getting Paid

Contractors get paid directly by the lender. Receive an upfront payment + periodic payments until the job is completed), or get paid all at once for shorter jobs.

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After your customer chooses an offer and signs for the loan with the lender, you get paid. The loan is between the lender and customer directly.

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