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Personal Unsecured Loans

Loans are unsecured and non-collateralized with the homeowner. You connect the homeowner with the bank through our system. The bank then takes care of all the details, including collecting all payments, so you can focus on your job.

Non-Recourse Bank Loans

The non-collateralized loans are also non-recourse against the contractor. That means that if things go south between the customer and the bank, you're NOT affected. Keep going about your business as usual.

Variety of Loan Terms

With 345+ lenders competing, your customers are bound to find a loan with terms they like. Loans are offered for both excellent credit, good credit and bad credit situations.

Getting Paid

Contractors get paid directly by the bank. Receive an upfront payment + periodic payments until the job is completed), or get paid all at once for shorter jobs.

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